Sunday, August 8, 2010

"A Room With a View"

I should elaborate on Heather's place. It's called "A Room With a View" and we really have been going there for ages. It's a quaint place--not fancy--but really nice and very private. Two rooms. Two big rooms. That's all. You have to book in advance. The wrap-around porch is the most pleasant place to be. Unless you go down at Christmas and it's cold, then eat in your room. Otherwise, eat breakfast on the porch, talk to Heather about where to go on Saturday on the porch, take your afternoon nap on the porch. After dinner, watch the cars and motorcycles on their way to the state park, on the porch. Even at Christmas, just wrap up in a blanket, on the porch. What can we say? I hate to even tell you of our "secret" place. But it's good for her business. Some day, she'll sell it to us. I hope. While her "techies" aren't keeping up with her online experience, we are. Here's a link to some old pics on an old page:

Love her!

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